<SG2> Regarding Expansion of Catapults


I am in the process of making a catapult with a nautilus gear for a ball launcher.
The current design causes the arm of the catapult to reach 20" vertically during launch.
It’s only an instant before it goes down again.

It can’t toggle a high flag or block a ball (unless it’s aimed directly on top of the robot).
Would that be allowed and should I keep it?

Nope… it is clearly against the rule. Unless you are only gonna shoot from the expansion zone.

there are many examples of catapult that managed to stay within 18”. Maybe you might want to take a look at them?

As long as you are in the expansion zone you can expand past 18" vertically. Other than that you are not allowed to expand past the 18" height and if your expansion happens multiple times which you receive multiple warnings OR your expansion is match affecting, then you would be disqualified according to the rules of <SG2>