<SG2> Rule Clarification

Rule says that your robot may not at any point expand past 36 inches horizontally during the match.

So my team has a robot with a front four bar lift and a back lift to hold and carry goals. These lifts fold into the robot to fit within the starting dimensions but when both are extended at the same time they exceed 36 inches. However, when only one lift is extended at a time they fit within the 36 inches.

So if my team coded the robot so that only one lift can be extended at a time would that still violate ?

You won’t violate the rule unless your expansion exceeds 36" during a match. Coding a fail-safe is a good idea, and you could/should explain that to the inspector.


That would be OK – SG2 doesn’t prohibit robots that are able to expand beyond 36 inches, it just prohibits robots from actually doing it.

If you have a robot that is capable of expanding beyond 36 inches, expect to have a conversation with your event’s head inspector and/or head referee (technically two separate roles, but often held by the same person) about how you will ensure you don’t violate SG2. A software “lockout” to prevent both lifts from being extended at the same time, while not required, will likely be helpful in alleviating your head ref’s concerns in that area.


IQ teams have to have code that would limit their expansion if mechanics allow it to go beyond the size constraints. It is a good idea, although not required in VRC. Agree with the comments above.