Sg3 part 2: the gdc strikes back

sg11 states
Elevated Robots are protected. During the last 30 seconds of the Match, Robots may not
contact the following:
a. The opposing Alliance’s Elevation Bars
b. Opponent Robots who are contacting their Elevation Bars
c. Opponent Robots who meet the definition of Elevated

I can’t help but think of sg3 from tipping point, and how hated it was.

I think things will be fine as long as you are not allowed to force an opponent to violate sg11 like you could force an opponent to violate sg3.

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My guess is after they see how crazy this rule will get they will change it to 15 seconds like they did in tipping point


I don’t think this will be nearly as bad as SG3.
The goal prattle in tipping point was a huge problem with this rule, since usually goals were defended near the platforms and sometimes the platforms were just used as an immunity idol to protect those mobile goals. On top of that, usually opponents pursued the goals in the first place because they were absolutely necessary to win for one reason or another, increasing the risk and likely punishment that followed.

The elevation bars are a lot different because robots can still traverse the field either over the long barrier, or through their own hanging structures. On top of that, robots will pursue one of the ~60 triballs on the field, most of which will likely not be near the opponent elevation bar; whereas TiP robots would pursue one of the 7 mobile goals, 4-5 of which were definitely by the opponent platform.

I can also justify it with common sense. I don’t know why you couldn’t touch an opponent platform. Spills and prevention of balancing would obviously result in a penalty, but a brush-by, or even being pushed into the platform should not be. I mean the worst that happens is the robots gently roll onto the floor.
Messing with a hang at all that might result in a robot falling to the floor is horrible, and I 100% agree contact should not be allowed.

We’ll just see what happens with forcing the opponent into a DQ again, either by pushing or reaching out with a 36” arm being run by a 5.5W motor.

Regardless, I didn’t see the word “transitive” (at least on my first read-through)!