SG3b Clarification

For the purposes of this rule, supersedes rule . Any Robot which is contacting its
own Platform, provided that no other rules are being violated, will automatically receive the “benefit of the doubt”. Therefore, any contact with this Robot will be considered a violation, regardless of intent.

The statement states, provided that no other rules are being violated
Am I correct in understanding this as, if a team is hoarding goals in the last 30 seconds, or they are pinning or trapping an opposing robot in their zone in the last 30 seconds, that pinning, trapping, or hoarding still need to be called out? If none of the robots were touching the platform, put say pinning a red robot against the corner of the blue alliance area, the referee still needs to count down the pinning?

Additionally, if a robot stopped working mid match, battery died, connector broke, whatever, and gets pushed or dragged into the opposing teams platform in the last 30 seconds , is that a penalty?
Does where the robot stopped working matter?
Or does this fall to the common sense rule?

If you wish official clarification, ask on the Official Q&A on that is where it matters.


we don’t know. We are still arguing about this. :man_shrugging:


If your robot dies in a non-defensive action, like minding your own dang business, then the SG13-14 distinction doesn’t rule against you. You cannot be forced into a foul if you are not defending.

If you were defending, like tipping their platform to force them off at t=45 s (legal) and your bot dies in contact with the platform or in an otherwise defensive position, then it would be a DQ, even if you lost contact with the platform through play and inhibited them in any way. If you inhibit their elevation status with your robot (or with a piece as a glove), then it is DQable.

OFFENSIVE or NEUTRAL robots cannot be forced into a foul. DEFENSIVE robots can be, per SG3