SG4 clarification

Rule SG4 states:

Do the balls on a high scored cap count towards the possession limit, or is it like In the Zone where stacked cones did not count as possessing?

Edit: I mean when there are balls on the cap, high scored caps are when they are on the side poles. That being said, why place balls on the caps??? I guess I thought the balls scored on the caps, maybe because they’re non scoring objects they do count towards the hoard limit…

Why in the world would a ball be on a scored cap?

In the reveal video it showed a robot holding a cap with 2 balls in it as an example of exceeding the limit so…


You can’t score a cap with game elements on it. It’s in the definition of high scored

There’s the definition for those who are too lazy to look it up :slight_smile:

That says field elements, not game elements… Aren’t they different?

I’d assume that they are different. However, at the end of the game reveal, they don’t show any balls on the caps:

According to the rules, a cap can be high scored with a ball on it. The only benefit that I can see from this is that it might be a good way to effectively limit the number of balls on the field since you can’t physically remove them. It would be possible to get them back by descoring the cap, but it would take time; on the other hand, it would take longer for you to place those balls on a scored cap.