<SG4> What counts as Possession?

So far, I’m a big fan of the game. Like many other teams, I have already begun to brainstorm potential designs and strategies. After reading the game manual, (attached below), my team and I had a lot of unanswered questions specifically about the possession of balls.

The rule, SG4, states that: “Robots may Possess a maximum of one (1) Cap and two (2) Balls at a time.”.
Possession is only defined as: “A Game Object status. A Robot has Possession of a Game Object if it is carrying, holding, or encompassing it

But what about the balls on caps, do those count as possession? ITZ allowed for as many cones as you want, so long as they were on a mobile goal. Does Turning Point have a similar strategy, allowing more than 2 balls to be on caps? The caps have what appears to be 8 indents that the balls can sit in. That leads me to believe that they were meant to carry more than 2 balls.

If you watch the video, they specifically use a robot with balls on the cap (and two more just sitting on the bot) as having too many balls in possession. If I understand correctly, that means the answer to your question is no.

Plus, I can’t see any reason to actually put balls on caps.

@ThoughtfulTexan The thing that confuses me is that they have balls on the cap and on the robot. While it’s clear on the rule, it again is not so clear on if the cap is like a mobile goal.

One of our potential designs revolves around the possible “more than 2 balls” strategy.

Since the balls can’t be scored in any way, I don’t think there’s a “stacked/unstacked” like we had in itz.

I think there are 2 important places to look when answering this question. The first is the definition of possession.

The second important rule is <SG7>.

Taking these two things into account, using the caps to carry balls would still be carrying them, so I think they would count towards the possession limit.

the solution is clearly to juggle the balls.


or better yet, juggle 4 caps that have 5 balls on each.

throw the caps like frisbees.

and land them on the posts

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@To_Bi_As @callen this is exactly what we need

see just flip all the flags, win auton, and center park, and then continually juggle all the balls and win.

juggle the balls with a w a t e r pump

better yet, flood the field so the balls all float up

no, have a pneumatic tank spew air directly up and levitate the balls.

nah fam, you gotta use your breath to blow them flags the right way

“so how do turn the flags?”

“fly wheel.”

“oh that’s cool, what’s the firing rate on this thing?”

“firing rate? do you mean psi generated per wheel rotation”

looks at robot sees giant directional fan