<SG6> Clarification

We are at a competition today and it was deemed illegal for a team to load a driver load into their robot and then leave the loading zone to play on the field and then return to the loading zone to load more balls. When we asked them what rule this was they cite <SG6>

When we read this rule we don’t see anything that would indicate the above actions should be deemed illegal. We also don’t see any other forum posts where this particular issue has been addressed.

Please advise.

I’ve seen many teems do this at competitions and it’s perfectly legal as far as I know.

This is absolutely legal. There is nothing that prohibits this. The balls must be loaded into a Robot that is touching the Loading Zone, but the Robot can then do whatever it wants with the ball.

I thin we need an official mod to move this thread to the Q&A.

“…but not to impart energy on the Scoring Object which will cause it to end up in a position outside the Loading Zone.”

I agree that it should be legal and that it almost always is viewed as such, but if some wording needs to be changed, then it would be best to get it done.

I don’t think that they wording needs to be changed. THe rules are saying that the person loading balls cannot impart energy so that it ends up outside the loading zone without any robot interaction. Imagine a robot with a c-channel running down it like a ramp. The ball can be placed on top of the ramp and then the ball rolls off the robot and into the field somewhere. This is legal as long as the person loading doesn’t push the ball down the ramp because at that point the reason for the rolling is the loader.