SG6 Loophole


I think I have found a loophole in rule SG6 to allow you to legal descore rings on alliance mobile goals.

Rings on the Alliance Mobile Goal are “safe”. Strategies intended to remove Rings which are Scored on or in an opposing Alliance Mobile Goal are prohibited.

The way the rule in currently worded, it sounds like the rule only prevents you from removing the rings from the goal. I think that the rule doesn’t prevent you from descoring all of the rings by making them touch field elements. Thoughts?


It is only not considered scored if it is touched by robots of the same colour.
So if a blue robot touches the rings in the red alliance goal, the rings are still considered as scored.


Under Scoring Notes:

  1. Rings can be Scored in Mobile Goal Bases, or on Mobile Goal Branches. In order to be considered Scored in either position, a Ring must first meet the following prerequisite criteria:
  • Not contacting a Robot of the same color Alliance for which the Ringswould receive points

Sorry, I forgot about that. Still, you could shove the rings against the field elements.

• Not contacting any Field Elements, such as gray
foam field tiles, the Platform, or the field perimeter

Do you think that would be legal?

How do you intend to do that (with the rings already in the goals) ?


I can see your point, in that you are focusing on “removed” as the method of making the rings no longer being considered scored. The definition does read that way. I think G3 comes into play and causing an opponents rings on alliance goal to change state from scored to not scored would violate SG6.

Practically speaking you have 4 choices of making the rings touch field elements: Tipping the goal to touch rings to foam, leaning against the perimeter, touching your own platform, touching the opponents platform.

Tipping the base to contact the foam tiles would very likely result in removing a ring unless you made a mechanism to prevent that - which would directly violate SG6.

Leaning against perimeter would be easily countered but might fit the rule. I would be curious about the angle required to get an alliance mogo to stay leaning while also having a ring touch. Not sure its possible.

Touching your platform would eliminate the balanced status on anything on your platform (not a great idea.)

Touching the opponent platform would be a match affecting SG3 violation and a DQ.

Might be worth as Q&A post to clarify if removed is the only way the GDC thinks un-scoring a ring violates SG6… but I don’t think this loophole is practical to exploit.


I feel like if you are in the position where you can freely manipulate your opponent’s alliance goals, you’ve probably won that match anyways.


Now that I am back on the robotics lab, I decided to test this. It is relatively easy for our robot to do. I think it is definitely worth discussing whether or not it is illegal.


If you think this might be illegal, then you need to start the conversation by telling us what rules in the game manual are being violated.

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I personally think it is legal, but other people have stated that they think that it is illegal.