<SG6> Nonsense rule

<SG6>Robots may not make contact with the foam tiles in their own Zones

This rule is poorly written and makes not since. It literally mean you robot would have to hover the entire match if it could NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH THE FOAM TILES IN ITS OWN ZONE.

Your zone is your scoring zone, which is the other side of the wall. This is how its meant to be interpreted.

I would add to Sam’s correct interpretation that the official interpretation is succinctly described in Starstruck Game Manual. It is pretty well written (apart <SG6a> to some) and illustrated.

Figures 2&3 in the referenced manual clearly indicate where the red and blue scoring zones are located.

Thanks for responding!

I think your correct but that is not what it says, I going to read SG6a right now, our team got a disq this weekend for this violation. Still is unclear to me. we had prongs over their near zone, but not touching… ie what if you had a six foot prog that did not touch the floor? legal?

Can any part of your Robot hover over my scoring Zone?

yes, this was clarified somewhere

Yes the opposing alliance can go into your scoring zone… in fact that is the only place they CAN go.

I have seen people post that you can, I would like to get an official clarification from somewhere before we build our next round of bots!

Do you mean the opposing alliance our your alliance?

If the referees saw your robot make multiple contacts with the tiles on your scoring zones and warned you, it could be cause for a disqualification.
<SG6a> goes on to address how non-contact with tiles situations where you might restrict movement of your opponents on their side of the field may be cause for a DQ. I am not going to attempt to define all such situations, suffice to say, there is a lot of discuss around this rule.

You do not specifically mention in your original post that this was the issue you were facing. Did the referee give more clarification as to the specifics of the DQ at the event?

Lol any part of your robot can hover over any scoring zone, just to sum everything up. The only area that you are allowed to be touching is the side your robot is on, but you only can hover over the other sides’ tiles.

EDIT: And his robot can touch your scoring zone too, since your scoring zone is on his side.

Here is a Q&A answer to this question: