SG6 Violation

Kalahari Ro16 Match 1

I was watching over the Kalahari matches and was wondering about the ruling in a particular match. In the R16 1-1 match in the Zambezi division at 0:39 on the match timer a goal was knocked out of a red robot. This caused several rings to fly out of the goal. The red alliance ended up losing by 4 points which is less than the value of the rings that fell out. Was this not an SG6 violation? What was the ruling by the ref at the time? Thank you

If red did end up losing by 4 points as you describe, then this does appear to be a match affecting SG6 violation warranting a DQ for the blue alliance, so if the ref did not DQ as you stated then this was a missed call. It’s unfortunate that the modern Bo1 elimination bracket allows for such errors made by humans to drastically change the outcome of a team’s tournament.


“”“modern”"" seems to inherently contradict “Bo1 elimination bracket”.


Without audio it’s hard to tell exactly what happened, but it did seem that one ref said something to the Red team just after the hit that spilled the Rings. Would be interesting to know if the Red team spoke with the referee about the potential violation immediately after the conclusion of the match to try to correct the call.

This past weekend, a former competitor was reminiscing to me about the classic days of Bo3 where a single alliance pairing took over an hour to complete because of timeouts, ties, field faults, and matches going the full 3 matches.

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For an SG6 violation, it is aimed at strategies. If the team did it multiple times it would warrant an investigation, but if it was a one-off occurrence in the middle of battle then I would say the ref made a good call.

I would agree but the manual does specifically include in violations of SG6:

“‘Knocking over’ or otherwise forcefully manipulating an Alliance Mobile Goal such that Rings become

I feel like that is sort of on the money for this case. As well, the difference between a warning and a DQ in the manual is solely whether it was match affecting which this was

I think it is on the fence just because hitting a robot is a typical defensive maneuver and the goal was sort of shaky, so it might be hard to prove that they were specifically trying to descore the rings. But, because of that specific line in the manual I think I would have ruled it an SG6 violation if up to me. It is really close though


Without know the context of what the refs said or saw, if I were reffing from the vantage point of the camera for this match and seen that, it would have been a DQ considering the number of points descored and the margin-of-victory. My son’s team was DQed at Kalahari for spilling Rings that wound up being match-affecting.

The arrangement of refs at Kalahari was a little unusual IMO; around here, we try to have the head ref at the "top: in the field-center (where these were positioned) and then 2 scoring refs at each “bottom corner” to try to ensure someone has eyes from different angles.