If the robot is robbing the opponent’s Mobile Goal, one or two Rings in the Mobile Goal spill out, does it violate this rule, and what is the penalty?

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Lets pose this situation. The red alliance has scored 7 rings on a mobile goal, and then the blue alliance unintentionally descores 2 rings. If the red alliance ended up winning anyways, this would be just a warning for the blue robot that descored. However, if the red alliance lost by a point margin that would be beat by those 2 rings (such as a score of 113 to 115), then it would be a DQ for blue. This is because those descored rings affected the state of the match, which red would have won if not for those rings being descored.


I’ve seen some great matches being lost by a small violation like that. Especially when the other alliance wasn’t trying to spill their rings. This year many teams tend to (accidentally or not) knock other robots over, so if they’re carrying rings it becomes a tricky situation

Also, make sure you aren’t doing anything like flip you opponents mogos upside down with rings on them as that could be interpreted as intentionally violating a rule and also lead to a DQ.