<SG7> <SG2> Clarification

If a robot in autonomous goes for the stack of four cubes (closest to the protected zone) and grabs like 1 or 2 but ends up knocking the others over the autonomous line IN AN OFFENSIVE attempt would that be considered using cubes to accomplish something that would otherwise be illegal.

I do not think that would be counted as an offensive attempt. As long as your robot does not touch the other side of the line, I think you will be fine.

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so long as it is not intentionally trying to obstruct your opponent, I think it’s fine. But it’d have to be an incidental and rare occurrence that the autonomous “fails” and knocks over the stack.

It is not an intentional action, and, while the team is responsible for their robot’s actions at all times, I don’t see a reason that an unintentional tipping of a stack would violate any rules, as you are not obstructing your opponent in the same way a robot would.

Keep in mind that this “failure” should be rare enough to not be regarded as strategic.