SG8 rule clarification

hey need a second opinion on the rule sg8
we where planning on doing a wall bot this year and notice this rule and cant decide on if it means all balls on the side of the field or if its just the lose balls and not the scored balls

Hello, and welcome to the vex forums! This specific question can actually be answered by closely examining the game manual. The short answer is that the scored balls do not count as possessed.

However, for future reference, try to examine the game manual closely and review all relevant sections before posting a question. Rule sg8 discusses the idea of possession and introduces a possession limit with specific criteria. Therefore, if you have a question about this rule and possession, it is logical to reference the game manual’s definition of possession. This can be found in the game definitions. Possession is defined as “A Robot is considered to be Possessing a Ball if a Ball is in an unscored position and anyone of the following criteria are met:.” It then proceeds to list specific criteria to be met. However, these criteria are not actually needed to answer your question. The beginning of the definition includes the constraint that, in order for a ball to be possessed, it must be in an unscored position. Therefore, since you are inquiring about scored balls, this definition explicitly states that scored balls cannot be possessed.

I did the walkthrough just to hopefully help you better understand an effective way to examine the game manual. This approach is often faster than asking on the forums, and is easier as well. Next time you encounter a question, try an approach like this to try and determine an answer. It is much preferred that you try and read the manual yourself first because that leads to a better understanding of the game. However, if you still cannot find what you’re looking for, someone such as myself will be more than happy to help. I hope this answers your question and helps you for the future.


thanks my team just wanted an outside opinion also thanks for the tips for looking at the rules

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