SG8 - Spin Up

We all know that a robot cannot contact the foam tiles on the opposite side of the diagonal autonomous line. Is it still allowable that a robot may swing a portion over the foam tile, as long as it does not make physical contact? Will referees use a piece of paper to check for clearance if this is a question in doubt? Have the referees been instructed on this potential issue? Thanks.


Yes, it is allowed for a robot to hang other a field tile on the other side of the line as long as it does not come into contact with it. I doubt a ref would use a piece of paper unless your robot was really close to the ground. I haven’t seen any refs who didn’t know of this but you may want to respectfully bring it up during the driver’s meeting to make sure.


yes, your robot can hover over the opponent’s tiles, as long as the robot doesn’t touch any of the tiles.

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The wheel has to cross for it to be a violation.

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that is one case of a violation, but robot contacting foam tile on the opposing side of the autonomous line a far broader range of opportunities to violate the rules. For example, zip ties hanging off the front of the robot for end game tile covering can come to haunt you during autonomous when a sliver of zip tie hits that foam tile.


As long as the robot doesn’t directly touch a tile on the other side of the field during auton OR disrupt a robot on the other side my reaching over the auton line, you should be good

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