Shaft Collar as a Standoff Joint

We are looking at using shaft collars as joints for standoffs, but we’re still not sure how it works. From the images I’ve seen, it looks like a coupler is in the shaft collar on one end and in the standoff on the other. The part the confuses me is aren’t the screws that go in the shaft collars and the standoffs different sizes?

I believe those are using the standoff worm screws .

You can remove the small set screws from a shaft collar, and replace them with a standoff coupler screw:

The thread size on these is the same as both the set screws in shaft collars and normal screws used on standoffs, the only thing that is different is the drive size, all that means is you’ll need a smaller screwdriver to tighten these.

You can then simply screw a standoff onto the protruding standoff coupler. I would recommend using loctite for these connections because the standoff likes to wiggle it’s way loose otherwise.