Shaft collars

does anybody have a good place to buy shaft collars in fairly large quantities like 50-100 (hopefully for a deasent price) i know you can get them from vex but only 16 in a bag:mad:. i use them like crazy and I’m not in any comps so its no biggy

i took these measurements
bore- 5/32"
outer diameter- 7/16"
width- 1/4"
set screw- 8/32"

and are the collars zinc plated?


If you find some, let me know.

I did find a few places that had stainless steel screws for cheap, about half or 1/3rd the price of Vex’s, but they were in quantities of 100 or something and I just didn’t need that many.

I also found a place with the wire extensions pre-made for much less than vex, I got something like 4 each of 3 different lengths for about the same price as the vex set.

i have tons of bolts i just need collars

Try McMaster-Carr.

Specifically, nice find :slight_smile:

Except they are almost a dollar each :frowning:

yeah i looked there before and the fact that they are a dolar each threw me off

i make my own lol but cant use them for competiton :frowning:

Yeah lol, Ive stripped a lot of these darn things. >.<

What fails is the little set screw. We just ordered 100 new set screws (8-32, 3/16") from our local Ace Hardware. They were 17 cents a piece.

Good luck.

I’m not concerned about the set screws i just need collars. none broke i just want more. i know vex sells them too but I’m hoping for a batter price especially if i buy like 100 i may get wholesale

Yes… The set screws are much too soft sometimes. Ours strip frequently, just because we tighten our important axles a lot and the screw can’t handle it. I’ll be on the lookout for some more… but even at 17 cents a piece, with 15 teams money becomes an issue.

could somebody please verify the bore size i have posted on page 1 (5/32 inch)? thanks you :slight_smile:

Vex screws come in 2 sizes, 5/64 and 3/32

Collars and motor screws are 5/64
everything else is 3/32

Those are the hex-driver sizes for the screws. I believe the O.P. is asking about the axle bore in the shaft collars. I believe the bore is 3/16", but I’ll double check with a micrometer this evening when I get home from work.

Axle size is 1/8" square, which means the diagonal across the axle is
[INDENT]√ ( 0.125 ² + 0.125 ² ) = 0.1768"[/INDENT]

5/32" = 0.15625", which is 12% too small
3/16" = 0.1875", which is 6% oversized (just about right)


  • Dean

i do think the rounder shafts make 5/32 fit just right though right?

I use cheap 1/8" barstock as axels, they fit through everything just fine. So the rounded edges don’t make that big a difference.

Maybe, but 12% undersized would require quite a bit of rounding. Also, the shaft collars are not very snug when the set screw isn’t tightened. Tonight, I’ll measure and post the I.D. of the shaft collar, and the diagonal thickness of a VEX axle.


  • Dean

thanks a million

You were correct…

Locking collar dimensions:
*]I.D. = 0.161" = 5/32"
*]O.D. = 0.434" = 7/16"
*]Thickness = 0.250" = 1/4"
*]Set screw = #6-32 x 5/32"

Axle dimensions:
*]Flat Thickness = 0.125" = 1/8"
*]Diagonal Thickness = 0.158 - 5/32"
The rounded edge on the axle must be in the neighborhood of 1/64" radius, but I don’t have a good way to measure that directly.


  • Dean

thanks the only thing confusing me now is the set screw, the allen wrench that fits it is a 5/64 according to the equipment page under products.