Shaft collars

So I’ve noticed that the Allen wrenches get stuck in shaft collars a LOT, and it’s somewhat time consuming to grab a pair of pliers to get them apart. Does any of the experienced members here have any ideas as how to prevent this? Or lessen the amount this happens? Thanks in advance.

Keep the pliers next to you to avoid travel time.

Better quality hex drivers

The set screws supplied with shaft collars are rubbish. Throw them out and replace with which are much higher quality but make sure you do every single shaft collar the team owns. Also buy some high quality allen keys or drivers. Those you have are probably damaged. Good source is

I agree the set screws that come with the shafft collars are really bad, I like to order these babies: the #8-32 1/8" length you can get 100 for 4 or I typically just get the 1000 for 30 they give u free shipping if you order over $35. I swap out all of my set screws with these, have never had issues with these

We should really submit a VEX New Product idea. Shaft collars that come with decent set screws!

Like the idea of using stainless steel ones since you can immediately tell you’ve “fixed” the one you’re using.

Lol, I was pretty surprised to learn somewhat recently how much better the separately packaged ones are


Many of our teams are replacing the set screws with the standard 8-32 screws. It doesn’t work well close to the motor mounts but if there is enough room then it seems to work better.