Shaft encoder

so i have the encoders with one pwm out
i have the prog. set up with one huge while 1==1 loop and within it an if loop containing a maze program and an else loop with user control code.
the bot has 4 motor drive but only 2 wheels that drive one encoder on each drive axle

i want it so that the maze code will work like this

when the if statement is true the bot will go forward 206 clicks on the encoder.

next the bot will turn 90 degrees clockwise which works out with the wheel base to be 68 clicks forward on the left wheels and 68 clicks in reverse for the right

drive forward 206 clicks

turn 90 degrees counter clockwise
using the method previously described but reversed

and one last step i will tell you about after

the problem is when the if statement is true the but just goes in circles. how do i set it up so the motors spin until the encoder reaches the desired number of clicks? right now i have it so the encodes have preset values but it doesn’t work

can you post your code?

i do not have eacy c on this computer

Once you get the code, post it and we’ll help you out. I know what your problem is and how to fix it, but I’d prefer if you gave us the code, rather than me rewriting it.