Shaft encoders

We just installed the shaft encoders and downloaded the sample program ‘Forward for Distance’. Everything downloads fine, but nothing is running on the robots? Any ideas?

Could be lots of things.

Did you read the configuration and verify that your motors and sensors are all plugged into the correct ports?

According to the program, we are to be plugged into port 1 & 2 for the left encoder and ports 3 & 4. I verified with each robot that this was correct. Does the direction of the wires, as they are plugged into the digital ports, matter? The black wire is currently facing outward. With some of the other instructions I’ve seen, it talks about plugging the lower wire into the ‘Interrupt Bank’ on the micro-controller. We have the newest micro-controller, so I don’t see one labeled as such.

The wires should be keyed, meaning they only go in one way.

Based on the pinout for the Cortex, the black (ground) wire should be on the outer row (the one closest to the edge of the microcontroller).

The wires are in place correctly.

Found the solution and oh what an easy solution it was. It helps if we pay attention to what ports the sample program is using for the drive motors versus the ones our robots are actually plugged in to!