Shaft extensions

What’s the current state of the art of 1/4 shaft extensions? I’m partial to the running each shaft through the center of a lock bar then through a collar to the new shaft coupler. Repeat on the other side. Bolts pull the two lock bars together. The collars keep the shaft from pulling out of the shaft coupler (they pull against the lock bars). Since any length of 6/32 screws are allowed I now use the smaller screw to go next to the shaft to keep the area a little smaller.

But it’s been a few years since I needed to create a long shaft, what’s the latest setup? Anyone doing shaft extensions of the high strength shafts?

I don’t know what other teams do, but you just saved my intake. It used to fall apart all the time because I just used the shaft coupler and tight spacing. Instead of screws, I used standoffs, but it works the same way. This works much better, is symmetrical, and looks good. Thanks again!

@Cameron_McRae : You are very welcome, glad its working for you. I use bolts since I can put a nylock on them and never worry about it. You’ll need to add to your pit checklist to check the spacer bolts.