Shaft inserts in v5 motors?

I noticed that the shaft inserts fit perfectly into the v5 motor shaft hole, where they made for this?

Maybe not intentionally, but the shaft inserts are made to fit in 1/4 inch hs axle holes, and the v5 motors are designed to take those shafts direct

The only use I can think of for this is if you put the axel shaft insert into the motor so that your axel has more of it inside of the motor, which I guess could prevent twisting and axel.

If anyone thinks of something cool to do this this please share

Shaft length doesn’t need to be as precise when using a shaft insert in the motor.

It’s much easier to install the motor on a small shaft with the insert since it’s easy to see the hole for alignment.

Much less likelihood of the shaft coming out of the motor and loosing power.