Shaft is bending on my catapult bot

My catapult’s shaft is bending, is it supposed to happen or not. I can send some pictures tomorrow cause my phone is broken.

It’s not supposed to happen. Is the side to side spacing on the gears correct?

As I recall you had a design issue where you had to do lots of rubber bands. Is that still the case? ( How many bands are you using? )

Right now I am using 6 rubber bands. Also its not at the lever, its mainly on the structure that holding the catapult.

You should use triangle braces to stop it from bending. If it is still bending with them, try reducing the amount of rubber bands you have.

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Yea, I can try using triangle braces, but if I reduce the number of rubber bands the catupult can launch the balls.

Can we get a picture please? 6 rubber bands is a lot of force.