Shaft Length

Is there an easy way to extend shaft length?

There are shaft extenders.

*shaft couplers

Is there an easy way to make them stay together?

As long as neither axle will slide along its bearings (spinning is fine, not sliding), then neither should come out of the shaft coupler.

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If you can’t do that then you can do this:

  1. Connect the axels with the shaft coupler
  2. On each side of the coupler put a locking shaft collar on the axel and tighten them
  3. Put a 3-hole spacer (or 3-hole metal bar) on next to each shaft collar, with the axel going through the center hole
  4. Put screws through the outer two holes of the 3-hole spacers connecting them.

So if you are looking left to right on the axel it should go:

3-hole spacer, locking shaft collar, shaft coupler, locking shaft collar, 3-hole spacer
with screws going connecting 3-hole spacers

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Oh, @Mark Finley inspired an idea in me. Here’s another way:

  1. Connect the axles with the shaft coupler
  2. On each side of the coupler place a locking shaft collar without a set screw, with the holes on the same side of the shaft.
  3. Places a short (3 holes?) aluminum bar from one shaft collar to the next.
  4. Insert regular screws through the aluminum bar into each shaft collar and tighten to lock onto the shaft.

That is smart I will try it tomorrow morning.

It’s been a while but I remembered to take a picture of my axel couplers, just in case anyone needs to see them in the future.


I built my design, like your IMG_1997.JPG and ended up using the same teflon spacers to get a good fit with the shortest screws from VEX. I didn’t place the washers and plastic spacer between the shaft collar and the coupler, though. Seemed to work well. I took photos, but I’ve been behind on getting photos off my phone.

Oh yeah I just realized you are right I don’t need those spacers

How do you measure the length? For example 2500-123 is which one?

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