Shaft Length

Can we use shafts from the VEX (high school) level kit? What is the maximum length they can be?

Does this question pertain to building a robot for the VEX IQ Challenge? Assuming that it does, this question has been moved to the official VIQC Add It Up Q&A, where it will get the proper attention. All game/competition-related questions should be asked in the official Q&A.

For the current season, Robot construction is constrained solely to the VEX IQ product line. We will consider your request for future games, however there are no current plans for any changes.

So what are the VEX IQ shaft lengths?

Here’s a link showing all the available, thus legal, VEX IQ shaft lengths.

  • So the mm are millimeter lengths right? Thanks for adding them to the page. They weren't listed when I asked the question.
  • (4) 2x Pitch Shaft (23.6mm)
  • (8) 4x Pitch Shaft (49.0mm)
  • (8) 6x Pitch Shaft (74.4mm)
  • (4) 8x Pitch Shaft (99.8mm)

Yes, these are the correct shaft lengths.