Shaking Axels Problem

We have been working on our robot, and making fair progresses every meeting. But one big problem we have is the axels, while not being an fatal issue it has been bothering and causes error in many fields. When we install our axels on the robot to allow gears and motor to spin it, the axels simply seem like they are missing something to stabilize them. (As the picture show the axel is much smaller than the square hole it has been put into) I believe there is something in the store or a small item that can eliminate such problem, but we don not know of. If you have any idea or possibly a solution, please reply. -Fei L.

(P.S. we have also tried to use a small wheel attachment, but it doesn’t seem to fit the smaller square hole. Also this is posted on Technical fourm too.)

What you’re looking for are Bearing Flats which can be found here below and mount directly into the square holes on VEX metal.
Drive Shafts - VEX Robotics

What your missing are bearing blocks, the make the hole a circle rather than a square

We use them everwhere where somtingn t rns

Yes, thank to are of y’all responses we have solve the problem at hand. Thanks!