Shanghai TV looking for local robotics enthusiast

Dear Robotics experts and forum members,

My name is William Wei, I am an Editor/Director for a Shanghai based talk show called Culture Matters on the International Channel of Shanghai (ICS) from the Shanghai Media Group (SMG). You can find our website at

I am looking for an english speaking robotics enthusiast or expert that is located in Shanghai who is willing to come on our show and talk about their enthusiasm and or expertise for Robotics. I found your forum through google (rather, bing, because google doesn’t work in China) and thought that this might be an ideal place to find enthusiasts who would be interested in joining our guest panel. You do not need to be an expert, we have an expert panel for that, we do prefer someone comfortable in front of the camera.

You must:

1.) Speak english
2.) Be located in Shanghai
3.) Like robots!

If you or anyone you know would fit this role please contact me immediately at this email address ( or my number:

If you think someone you know would be interested please forward this message to them as soon as possible. Our show is due to air in November and recording cannot be any later than late October (current date scheduled is 26th, could be SOONER)

Thanks everyone for your attention,

William Wei