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This logo is trying to be two or three logos stacked on top of each other. The skyline uses an outlined silhouette, the gear has stars in the middle, and for some reason there is a dinosaur stuck on the gear, in front of the stars. It seems that lots of parts of this are fighting for function.

Make the dino the center of the gear, instead of the white stars.

Next decide whether or not the skyline should participate in the gear, or be the focal point. Try eliminating the gear, and turning the dino into a silhouette as well, possibly with a gear around it, or put the skyline inside the gear, with the dino behind it. That creates a central logo shape (gear/circle) with a dino/skyline as the mascot. For simplicity, I would advise reducing the dino to fit with the artistic scheme of the gear or of the silhouette/outlined city.


We did change up our logo, but this is what we’re going with


Here’s mine for next season, it’ll be updated as I hear more from my team but yeah.


That will be difficult to put on a shirt.

It might work on the back.

Honestly it’s more probable that we would make it into a poster.



Eh. I have no idea what it is saying.

Is it Cap10? like Captain? The O or zero (whichever it is) has interesting curved/flared serifs to represent where a crossed line would be in a zero? Okay… but why. I don’t get the message, and everything is fighting for your attention instead of presenting a cohesive message.

Also it has inconsistent design aesthetics. Why does the 1 also have a single flared serif like the zero, even though the rest of it is standard block number/letter? Why is there a slight flare on the bottom part of the top of the C, but not the top? Why does the P only have it on the left side? While the flare on the P and the 1 create symmetry, and support the negative space between those letters, it goes nowhere.
This logo functionally uses negative space to create an additional letter.
The Eleven puts 11 in the E.
You get the idea.

The empty space between the C and the A, between the P and the 1 and… well the possibility of space or interplay between the A and the P make for good negative space elements. However, they are not really leveraged well to convey anything about your brand/team.

The neat null/0/O symbol is neat, but it is crowded out and doesn’t really contribute. I love the creativity, and it does look cool, but it might not be right for this message.

The A is just Adobe. Why you trying to be adobe?

Why is the P chopped off like that?

So it is very creative, but the creative elements are not turned into a cohesive image.

Keep shopping it. I really want to see where some of these ideas can go, but again, I don’t even know what it is saying.


When we first created our team, back in tower takeover, we had a Capacity of Ten, therefore, Capten. Uh I didn’t design it, we drew it on paper then used I think fusion to mock it up then we screenshotted it- we are definitely not graphic designers. I think it would have been cool to create something out of the negative space, and the A and P are shaped like that because they are stacked.


Team 21997A
This is our first year and we placed fourth place in the missouri championship.




I think that you have a great pun name, and a great opportunity to improve it into a crazy cool logo. However… TT? Yeah that was three years ago, so I assume y’all are aging out now?

Yeah, its our last year. Too late to change the name now. Were hoping to put a top 3 skills run at US Open though, so watch out :))


Like ours?


A little fuzzy but I like it!

Yeah It looks better on our shirts and hats

It still looks very cool though!

Always make sure it looks good on shirts and hats.


We are making shirts for worlds so we have our worlds sponsor’s on am


Here’s a picture of our paper logo. It’s to be worked on and colored but yeah.