Sharing files between teammates

I’ve been looking for a way to share my code with my teammate and I’m not exactly sure how to accomplish that.

Obviously you could use E-mail or a physical thumb drive but I’m looking for a cloud-like system (not google drive because it’s terrible) that I can upload files into that will update to said cloud as I save them.

Does anyone know of a way that I can accomplish this?

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Look into Git version control and something like GitHub.


To expand on to what @AlecMiller said, git and github does exactly what you want. You can create a master github repository containing your code and have your teammates create fork of the repo. This way, you and your teammates can work on the code independently, and then merge the code together using pull requests.

This video should give a quick overview of how git functions (commit, branch, merge etc.):

It looks like you use vexcode. Therefore, I would recommend you to get sublime merge to have a graphical interface to work with git. You can find instructions on how to use sublime merge here: Getting Started – Sublime Merge Documentation

IMO version control is probably one of the most valuable thing you can learn by coding in VEX. It is extremely widely used in the industry.

Happy coding


I’ll take a look at this, thanks for the help.

I made it to this screen

though I’m still unsure of what to do. This seems far more complicated than what I’m looking for. All I want is for me to be able to put my code file into a cloud so that my teammate (who also will have access to this cloud) can access the file.

Nevermind, I’m getting somewhere.

Running into one small issue.

This VS Code doesn’t recognize " #include ‘vex.h’’

Not really sure what to do about this.

now it doesnt recognize any of those libraries.

Try opening the code in vex code pro v5

I like GitKraken when I have to use an IDE that doesn’t natively support git. The UI is nice and shows branches, etc. which can simplify the git experience for those who may never have used a version control system.


I just bought dropbox and that worked perfectly. Thanks for all the help though!


Yeah, if I had caught this sooner, I would have suggested dropbox. Used it for years, still do. It’s worth it. Gotta love simple solutions.

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My team just used a google drive folder for this

Please elaborate what is terrible for the application you propose? I think I am missing something here.


I tried using it for TiP and the main problem is that we couldn’t access files in drive using finder.

You mean shared drives, or folders on your personal drive (aka My Drive) that you shared with others.

The latter I have no problem accessing using MacOS finder.

Glad you found a solution that works for your team.

I should’ve premised my question with the fact that the computer I used for programming last year was restricted by the school I go to so that could very well play a large factor into my issue.

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