Sharing from 8066A (The ATOM)

Hi All,

I am Mr Teo, the teacher IC of Team 8066A, 8066B, 8066C, 8065A, 8065B and 8066C. I will be uploading a series of video featuring some of our good practices and robotics designs. These sharing are based on the experiences which our school had accuminlated in the past 6 years of VEX involvements.

I will start uploading the introduction of our teams ATOM 8066A and also i will sharing with you a new way to bulid scissor lift.

Hope you enjoy it. I welcome any questions, but pls give me time to response… my priority is still marking of my math’s students homework…
I like the second video, it is helpful for those of us who have tried 6 or 7 scissor lifts and had exactly 0 work :slight_smile: thanks. 8066D also has a nice robot haha

I was also surprized at the large number of trophies and world competition banners. Good Job!

The hinge joint is interesting. Is there is a significant improvement in performance? It seems that you use the normal screw joints on your robots, based on the picture at the end of the video.

There would definitely be an improvement in wheel traction :slight_smile: due to a little extra weight.

In that case, I might just replace every joint on both of my robots with hinges for that traction advantage :wink: