Sharing Parts between V5 and EXP

I have a number of classroom V5 sets that we use for a robotics class and competitions (Not Vex competitions) I am also interested in purchasing some EXP kits. I was wondering about the interchangeability between the two kits. Can I use EXP motors with V5? Vice Versa? What about controllers and sensors?

What works and what doesn’t?


yes, but remember that the 11W motors will run with reduced power on EXP as battery voltage is lower.

The V5 competition controller will work with EXP, but the EXP controller does not work with V5.


This works, but is not VRC legal because of R6 d

I realized I quoted a rule specific to the v5 workcell, but it is the same part, so the rule still applies.

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Original poster is not looking to use in VRC…

So James Pearman’s answer is correct given the use case presented.