Shipping Costs...Other Carriers Should be Offered

Other shipping cost should be available for orders – for example: good old Uncle Sam → USPS???. Took a quick calculation on the S/H cost via FedEx on an order of parts for around $100 and the cost was around 17% of my total order – wow!! Getting very close to 20% cost for S/H there nnnnguys…USPS is around 10% to 12% on same standard order type.


I spend a fair bit of time dealing w/ shipping/receiving via ups, fedex, usps, truck freight, etc.

You do not want your bot parts shipped via usps, especially when you are waiting for critical parts to arrive on time and undamaged.

I’ve bought, personally, somewhere in the neighborhood of 15k worth of vex kits, parts, fields, etc. Every single shipment, via fedex, arrived on time and undamaged.


And today, right in the middle of holiday shipping season… usps tracking is down.


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From: UPS on-time preformance

UPS On-time Performance).

For all the industry corp cheerleaders- @turbodog. From the industry leader website, they begrudgingly admitt USPS efficiency…

" What’s new: UPS is sporting the best on-time rate in the industry at 95.8%, according to ShipMatrix, besting FedEx’s 84.8%.* When factoring in express service being on time if delivered by end of day and ground within one extra day, UPS leads at 99.3% with FedEx at 97% (the USPS is at 98.5%).

USPS at 98.5% . Easy math…1.5% error rate…Now factor cost diff…lol…i’ll use good old Uncle Sam any day.

Say it with me AMERICA :us: :crazy_face: :clap:.

By the ‘american’ metric… UPS/Fedex win out. They are US companies that sell goods/services worldwide. USPS hands off to foreign companies when shipping worldwide… FYI.