Shipping Info

I was just curious how big the Classroom and Competition Mechatronics Kit and Classroom and Competition Programming Kit were when they are shipped to you. Anyone happen to have the dimensions of the box? I tried searching around but I just found info about shipping already built robots to competitions.

I’m pretty sure it came in 2, maybe 3 boxes. One had most of the kit and was probably about 24"x18"x6" IIRC, and the other one or two were smaller. If you need to know exactly I would send VEX an email or ask in the official support forum, I’m sure someone would be willing to go and measure a box.

I just found some old boxes and took some measurements. The classroom and competition base kit comes in a box 17"x14.5"x4", and the programming add on kit comes in a box 10"x6.5"x4". I would assume the mechatronics add on kit comes in the same or similar box. Both are folding mailer type boxes, nicely printed red and white. :slight_smile: