Shipping Times and Delays

Hello all,

So I order a VEX IQ Super Kit May 20th and the website said it would ship by June 1st. My order still hasn’t shipped and the website now says ships by July 15th. Does the new date apply to my order as well? Are these kind of delays common with VEX? I know they had some trouble getting V5 out to everybody but I thought that was sorted and IQ would be fine. I’ve emailed VEX but haven’t heard back.

You must be new here. :slight_smile:

But for real, I would go ahead and call VEX Support. VEX isn’t super great about being proactive with that sort of thing, but I’ve found the support to be pretty helpful.


Vex has had this problem for a long time. The best thing to do is to keep pushing until they get you the kit


Sadly, your order might ship together on the later date despite claims on “partial shipment.”

It is common in EDR to delay packages, so it may be the same in IQ.

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