shipping to worlds

will they allow us to take vex batteries on a international flight and will the people at worlds pump our resivours for us

If you’re referring to pneumatics, you need to get access to your own pump/compressor. I wouldn’t count on borrowing someone elses and it is not supplied by the event hosts.

I’m not sure about international, but for flights within the states we have no problem bringing batteries in checked bags. :smiley:

You DO, however, have to declare that you’re carrying corrosive materials in your bags (the battery acid qualifies as corrosive, I believe). This held us up in the airport for a while last year, so you might want to plan for a little bit of an extra delay and arrive well before your flight.

As for the reservoirs, 1412 is correct. If you’re bringing pneumatics, it’s completely your responsibility. Other (generous/nice) teams may be able to help you, but I wouldn’t count on it. I know it’s somewhat off topic, but I’d like to finally formally thank 2587Z Discobots for helping WASABI with a spare solenoid last year at worlds. :smiley: You guys were lifesavers.

Your batteries are acceptable within the safety rules of North American airlines. It’s a good practice to have a list of items available for customs and security, and your NiMH and NiCAD batteries are both considered safe (unlike gel or liquid lead-acid batteries). I do not work for US customs or the TSA, but I have shipped and transported robots all over North America for years. We have never had a problem with our batteries or any other VEX parts.

Bring your own tire pump! I’m sure that Gladstone, EXO, or WASABI would pump you up, but why risk it when you can buy a tire pump for $20 or so?

And congratulations on being the first Enver Creek team to attend World Championship!

Your welcome!

THANKS so much Rick :slight_smile:

you should be fine with the batteries and no they wont pump them for you. you need to have a pump or compressor.

last year, we weren’t stopped for batteries at all. we told them ahead of time and we walked right through. there was a pumping station there. it was a livesaver because we accidentally left ours back at our school.