Shock Absorbers in VEX IQ Build

Hello everyone, I’m curious if anyone has made any robot or project builds using the shock absorbers. Really interesting parts with not a lot of detail. I’ve only built a catapult with it.

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So in another thread is talk about the “H” drive where there is a perpendicular omni wheel to allow the robot to strafe. Last year the center wheel would get stuck on the low goal barriers. I had a team that used the shocks to let the center wheel to lift up and over the barrier. They used the smaller force ones for easier lift.

I’ve poked at using shocks as a replacement for rubber bands for arm lifts for Flex and it’s sisters. It’s interesting to me because it limits both the Up and Down travel (up travel limits may be of use in this years game).


My past teams have used the shock absorbers for a number of uses.

*1. Last year they used one on a lower "mantis arms " so that one motor could control two drag locations.
2. they almost always use one on a floating strafe wheel to make sure the wheel makes constant and consistent contact with the ground.
3. I have also seen them use them to maintain chain or conveyor tension .

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