Shock Absorbers

Just wondering if the Shock Absorber Pack - VEX Robotics could help a catapult in any way, and if so, where would you put it?

you might be able to use it to “punch” an object, rather than using it for a catapult (I’m more familiar with VRC and not IQ). maybe a linear slide with a slip gear to wind it up and then release the force in the spring. there are usually better solutions that can be custom built rather than using prebuilt vex solutions (cough vex claw cough).

While a puncher would be cool with those, it isn’t the best thing for this year’s iq game. This is because the balls are a little squishy, so they would absorb a lot of the impact.

yea and punchers can be really inconsistent

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I actually believe shock absorbers are on the illegal parts list.

No, they are perfectly legal. Check the legal parts appendix because it’s more complete:


Some of those parts are very interesting. Like the minifigure.

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