I think vex should make spring powered shocks. Kind of like the shocks for lego. A picture is attached. They could also be used for a bumber on the front of your bot so its not such a jolt when you run into something if you dont have a ulstrasonic sensor

Wonderful idea and maybe even a shock conversion kit for the tank kit would be great.

One con of shocks is it will make you very bouncy. You may not want to use them in a competition like FVC, but for recreational use it would be pretty darn cool.

Ya it is bouncy so i wouldnt use them when ur on flat ground
on dirt and stuff i can use the lego ones even though they dont fit perfectly and its awsome the hard part is keeping your center of gravity low when you add the few inches of suspension so it tends to roll if your not carefull

Rock climbing VEX competition anyone? Off-road VEX racing?

actually have been working on a suspension system using the rubber links this summer ill post pics when i get a chance

an off road vex competition would be loads of fun. You coald have objectives like, smoothest ride, who can carry a glass of water without all of it spilling out, etc. we could have endless fun with it.:smiley:

I am building a all terrain bot right now its tough, but im using the medium wheels with all wheel suspension and 2 wheel drive. Instead of turning by changing the strength of the motors i am using a servo to swivle the front two wheels which arent powered i dont know how its going to work but im waiting for parts before i can finish it.

ill post pictures when i finish

i actually made a robot that had front wheel steering. it was tough to do, but i finally got it. one of the hardest parts is making the thing the wheel’s axle goes into that connects to the axle that allows it to steer. (hint. all the pieces are plastic in my version). also, if your doing off-roading, you might want to use two or three servos hooked up to the same axle, otherwise it wont steer itself. chain drive, by the way, is the best way to make it steer. thats what i used at least. yeah have fun post a pic when your finished i really wanna see how that turns out!

ya i think it will be kool cant wait 2 see ure bot good luck:D