shocks… shall I say more about it…

Yes say more about it…

Dont make new threads for a heap of new things just 1 make one.

Make some shocks out of a a screw, a spring and a nut.

Metal tank tracks would be heavy, exspensive, and to hard to clip together

you can make custom shocks from common vex items already
larger shocks are redundant because robots will not get that heavy

Pneumatic pistons in the out position could work

or a battery on your tongue :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, nice one! :smiley:


now we know what to do with all the dead 9v batts :stuck_out_tongue:

You ever tried putting a few fresh 9 volts in series and then putting the result to your tongue? Well… don’t… all I can say was “I was tired when it happened…”

Freshman year there was a kid at my school who did it with a bunch of 9 volts. He got hurt.


Wow, now there’s something I never thought to try… I have grabbed an electric fence before. My words right before I felt the shock: “I don’t think it’s on-”… Haha, I guess we’ve all done some stupid things in our lifetime. XD


I’ve used these shocks with Vex before; they are sized pretty well for a small-to-medium Vex robot.


Obviously not competition legal, but fun to play with and they look great on the 'bot.


  • Dean