Shoe-box Bot

Hi evryone,
the vex robot kit is toataly awesome (you gotta agree with me) before I got this cool kit I couldn’t figgure out what to use for the frame of the robots I was building. I couldn’t afford too much beacuse I’m only ten and can’t get too high tech parts so I simply built my robots on a shoebox frame. (amazing what a little cardboard will do isn’t it ) ya’ll reply to this beacuse I want to see what you used for robot bases when you were just 10 !!!

Yeah, so I wasnt doing this stuff at ten, but we use darfting tables to build our robots on.

at ten i was into lego mindstorms…

yeah, i have to say lego mindstorms were great, and they still are!

He meant what are you using as a frame. I was into mindstorms at 10 and I still am today but with a new level of complexity.

when i was ten i didnt even have any robots stuff so i played with electronic circuits
like a 2 shift register and stuff like that usin compact ic’s

I’ve used cardboard to prototype but besides that it usually doesn’t hold up well.

One shoe box I had recieved once, had a thin plasicy coating making it hard to cut and bend. If you can find one, it would work great.

As for what I use, I don’t cover mine, I have to many troubleshoots for that!:smiley: