Shooter not working for Spin Up

Hey guys, its me, Quandale!

I am relatively new to the Vex community and have been doing vex for about ~1 year now. My team has been building the Spin Up robot and we ran into a problem that no other team ran into — our shooter isnt working. No matter what level of speed we set it at — from 60 to 6 million, the motors and the flywheel doesn’t produce enough speed to send the disc flying and it only flops to the ground like a dead fish :skull:.

We’ve tried everything from dismantling motors to fixing plexiglass on the robot but nothing seems to work we have a compeition soon someone help me pls.

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What is your gear ratio? And if you send a picture we can help decipher the problem.


It could be that the disc doesn’t have enough tension between the flywheel and whatever holds it on the other side. Getting that distance right is crucial to having a good flywheel. My team found that making one of flexible polycarb has helped significantly.

As before, it’s hard to diagnose a problem without pictures. Good luck!

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omg thanks for the reply —

my team member has the code ill ask them to send it soon ty ty ty


aight. also if possible, can you send a picture of you flywheel itself? Thanks!

I ran into the issue too so you’re not alone. Usually the gear ratio can be a little slow, so what I did is use a 7;1 ratio (82 tooth gear to 12 tooth gear) and use a green cartridge motor. I have 2 of them spaced out and if its barely close, i used rubber bands to fill the gap and also to use traction.

Do you mean a blue motor cartridge? A green motor cartridge with a 7:1 gear ratio would only generate 1400 rpm and wouldn’t have enough speed to shoot a disc into the high goal.


You need compression between the disc and flywheel. Bring the wall on the other side of the flywheel closer to the wheel so the disc absorbs more energy as it passes through.