Shooter stopped working!

So i created a shooter that has 2 motors on one axle, a 5:1 gear ratio compounded to another 5:1 gear ratio. This is mimiced on the otherside for 3.5 in compression. 1 motor in each side uses an IME. I built the shooter and tested it out, and it worked. When we were ready to attach the launcher to the frame and test it, the motors would spin a little and stop. I remember my teacher saying something how if the motor pins touch the frame they could short something out, could this be my issue? My motors are y-cabled from ports 2 & 9, on separate breakers. And both ends of the y-cable connect to a motor controller, and when the motor controller connects to the motor i reversed the polarity on the wire for 1 motor… Please help!

We you attached the shooter to the robot did you tweak the frame of the shooter at all because I know that has happened to me where I built a fantastic shooter but when I attached it I tweaked it slightly and the amount of friction shot up and it wouldn’t work that well.

My gear train is enclosed in the 1x5x1x25 c-channel, we didnt tweak anything there, but we did have to connect other channels to the shooter to connect it at the angle we need. I’ll double check when i get to school tomorrow. Were you able to fix the friction problem?

Honestly I just rebuilt that robot I didn’t like it from the moment I put the shooter on.