Shooting the High Flags from the Expansion Zone

What if you were to lift your lift and then shoot the flags from the expansion zone? Just want to get thoughts on that.

Seems legal, but why?

Totally legal … but having made it to worlds for NBN the flags are too small to hit reliably (at least from the far parts of the zone) the nearest bit would be reasonable. Untill you have to go back down in order to comply with the two ball limit.

Well, you have to worry about the gravity drop as the ball travels across the field. To counteract this, you either have to A) experimentally determine the shooting height and speed for each flag for your robot, or B) shoot the balls so fast that they travel in a practically straight line and gravity won’t cause a significant drop. With B, I’d be worried about either breaking the ball or the flag. There’s also the potential that the flag might rebound back and possibly return to the status quo.

Well, for NbN, you could not program your robot use its camera to aim a launcher at the target. @AppleDavidJeans you could calculate a launch angle/velocity based on the size and position of the target in camera, as size will correlate to distance and vertical position to height.

I mean, yall have seen the 2013 robonauts bot chucking frisbees, right?

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That seems really complicated. By the time you have that working you privably could have done 1-2 redesigns of a launcher below 18 inches

By the end of the season some teams will be able to do it.

There are some truly great teams that do some remarkable stuff programming wise.

Yeah, i can’t wait to see what people do with the vision sensor.

Thanks for the thoughts, considering the points given in this thread I’ll probably scrap the idea.