Shooting the other alliance?

Is it legal to intentionally shoot the opposing alliance?

I don’t think so the ref may call that entanglement because you are effecting the opposing robot in a harmful way.

I think <G1> applies here. Common sense should tell you that shooting the opposing alliance isn’t a great idea.

I would say yes, but if you are clever enough you cab get away with it. Especially in auton.

If you mean shooting the drivers standing beside the field, you might also want to take a look <G9> (and of course <G1>):

The drivers, no.

The robots yes, as long as you don’t damage them and as long as the balls remain inside the field, with an important exception.

If you throw a ball at them deliberately and it gets stuck on their robot, and they later pick up four more balls, then SG13 means that they have not broken the rules but you have by throwing the ball at them. If that action is match affecting (for example the ball jams part of their robot and they can’t fire) then you would be disqualified.

If you deliberately throw a ball which gets stuck on their robot and they don’t pick up 4 more balls, then this is legal under the current set of rules and Q+A rulings.

Thank you for the replies :slight_smile:

I have no idea except, there was a team that did this to us… The refs didn’t do anything.

Has anyone tried intercepting the ball midair? Probably not practical but might be good for bonus balls…

We haven’t tried to intentionally intercept a ball, but i have seen quite a few mid air collisions that caused both balls to land back into the field! It was quite entertaining to see!

We have done that a couple of times but not on purpose though. It provides a good laugh though