Short Range Flywheel

I want to build a 3 motor single flywheel for short and mid shots. I was thinking that maybe a 1-15 gear ratio would be good? I want to be able to shoot 2 balls per second on the field. How would you build it?

1-15 seems a little low. It might make bar shots, but it wont make midfield. 1:21 would be a good ratio.

How to make a 15-1 external ratio? Or how to make the single flywheel?

With three motors would that give a quick fire rate?

Gear ratio, what wheels, what angle back plate.

It should be pretty quick. I haven’t tested it for myself though.

2 motors and maybe a velocity control would be fine,

We use a 21-1 but it’s pretty high for what we are doing most of the time. Any type of wheel, (5inch,4 inch, or even a sprocket with tank treads) should work

Test and fine the optimal combo for you

I would prefer that at full power it reaches from mid court. We just need it to be very quick on the field. Thanks.

Ok thanks.

I started a thread a few days ago about what the ultimate short ranged launcher would be.
I there were a lot of opinions on whether a lighter or heavier wheel would be better.
Does anyone have a definitive answer?

Maybe you could build something around 13:1, all external, and then see if it shoots far enough for you. If it doesn’t, you can just put high speed internal gears into the motors to increase your gear ratio to 21:1.

I saw on another thread where people said a 1:15 will make mid shots. How would i make a 13:1 external?

I don’t think that’s a thing. Our gears stop at a 7:1 ratio before requiring a compound gear ratio, and 13 is a prime number. 15:1 is the closest you’re going to get, unless you use sprockets.

One of our teams has a single 4in flywheel with a 21:1 ratio and it will do half court shots at full power and bar shots at just above half power. It only has 2 motors and no programmed velocity control so it isn’t the fastest shooter but it has a lot of potential if you were to implement and tune the code.

That’s actually very similar to ours except we have a 5in wheel. It works very well nonetheless

It’s a very valid strategy and doing pretty well for some of our middle school teams.

Example is 80W - Warpath: Single flywheel, two 4" wheels, two motors, and 25:1 ratio currently. Used for up close shots and the puncher is wickedly accurate for full court.

166 points in drivers skills right now but that uses only the puncher for now.

Completely off topic.

Completely off topic. But i have seen punchers with 3 high speed motors. I am unable to use anything other than normally geared motors. Would i be able to make a 2 motor puncher and a 2 motor flywheel and have a 6 motor base? Or should I have a 4 motor drive and 3 motor puncher and flywheel? How fast do you think the fire rate of a full court 3 motor 1:1 puncher would be?

Depends upon the goals you have for playing this game. Speed is less of an issue if you are the primary full court puncher as you spend a lot of time int he loading zone. Deadly accuracy is that primary goal as it is a limited resource of drive loads. Unloading all of them with a reduced accuracy may lead to a lower overall score. Is it better to have 80% accuracy on the full time versus 50% accuracy with more time to drive around? Once you get a fast accurate full court shooter, then see what you have left.

Since you can only control 4 balls at a time, I would think during your drive time a quick ingest and disposal of the balls into the high goal is primary importance as speeding between sets balls may be of less importance. The faster your base, the less fine control you generally have in it without some serious programming. Shoot accurately from multiple spots increases points in my mind.

So based upon what you want to do leads you to your motor decision, not the other way around. I’d concentrate on the full field first, then accurate ingest/shoot, then drive as priorities. But you may decide other weightings.

Ok thank you. Do you have any idea of the fire rate for a three motor 1:1 puncher?

IK a 2 motor puncher can do 2 bps so a 3 motor puncher could probably do up to 3 bps