Short Range Flywheel

With the normal internal geared motors?

I have a high speed 3 motor 1:1 linear puncher, it easily shoots 4 balls per second, however it is hard to load and is sensitive when it comes to elastics.

how fast do you think normal motors will be.

1/1.6 the speed

Roughly 2.5 balls per second

Do you mind posting a picture of this?

Sure once I am with my shooter I would love to display some images. Also just so you know if you play around with the elastics you can get a greater power, but a slower fire rate. I used to be able to shoot close to 5 balls per second, however with the elastics I gained more power. This allows me to increase the angle of puncher allowing for a greater arch. As those that are experienced with flywheels the greater the angle allows for a greater accuracy rating compared to the same design with a lower angle.

We can do bar shots just fine with two turbo motors and a 7:1 gear ratio. It shoots them as fast as it loads them.