Short Video of Hero 1 Robot in Action!

Hello everyone!

This video shows the newly upgraded Hero 1 Robot in action. This robot has been re-designed to use the latest 3D Printer technology as well as a Raspberry Pi 3 and two VEX Cortex micro-controllers, voice recognition and new AI, Tiny ML speech synthesis capabilities in order to bring its electronics and firmware into the 21st Century! Replacing the original Heathkit 6808 Microcontroller and electronics, which is hard to find spare parts for repairs.

While using its original motors and frame it can now be remotely controlled with Wi-Fi using VEXNET and the VEX Game Controller. In addition, it uses Robot C on the VEX Cortex and FreeBASIC on the Raspberry Pi 3. It can respond to voice commands and can even use micro-stepping to move its steering, head, arm, wrist and gripper motors more accurately. Limited parallel motion is also possible, for example it can now move its head, arm and main drive at the same time.