Shorted Battery

Hi. I was working when I noticed I accidentally shorted my vex 7.2v. battery. It started smoking and I might have inhaled some of it (the whole room smelled horrible like shorting and burning electronics but sort of sharper) and I’m wondering what might happen(to me). Thanks:(

You probably won’t die, burning plastic wont kill ya. Always remember to consult the problem solving flowchart in instances such as this.

I agree. Ive probably inhaled a number of toxic things in my life and i feel fine.
You might want to put a fan in the room though.

It’s already gone. I feel fine. But the battery doesn’t. it’s not recharging or discharging.

BTW since we’re talking about toxic gasses, should you wear a gas mask when you’re soldering? And is it true that when you inhale smoke from soldering you lose brain cells?

That battery is history.As for soldering, i just hold my breath and look away when i need to breath. The main problem is when you are using lead-based solder(Lead is toxic).

i solder all the time and i would say i am still peretty samrt.

The toxic fumes from burning plastic will kill you, and faster than you might think, especially in an enclosed space like a submarine or a burning building; but that isn’t the situation we have here.

A few small whiffs of burning household plastics or of gases from the chemcials inside a NiCad battery is very unlikely to contain enough toxins enough to cause detectable, long-lasting harm.

Lingering odors are even less likely to signal detectable, harmful, exposure with long-lasting effects.


Whew, thanks. At least I didn’t do this in my submarine:)

misspelling words by putting the letters out of order isn’t a sign of low intelligence, it’s a sign of dyslexia :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh, and to stay on topic:

It sounds like your battery is dead. How did you short it? Was it plugged into the microcontroller?

No, it was an extra battery I had. I was trying to cut off the plug so I could solder on some wires to run a different MCU and I accidentally cut both wires at once with (conductive) scissors and It just sparked and smoked.

very true my friend however by leaving the first and last letters correct i was able to ensure that most of you could read it will little hesitation. :p:cool:

You have just learned a valuable lesson… Cut ONE WIRE at a time…

Just be glad this was not 120v or 240v or 480v…

Also, when soldering, the fumes coming of are just burning flux. Flux isn’t harmful to most of us. I was once told that about 1 in 1000 people can be very sensitive to it though and causes discomfort. Really, the only real danger with soldering is burning yourself, but defiantly was your hands after soldering to avoid lead poisoning.

i find that when i solder the back of my neck feels kinda tingly when i am done. kinda weird but it doesn’t bother me for long so i just kinda let it go.

I sometimes find little drops of burning flux hitting my hand. It hurts. And usually when I solder my nose gets really stuffed up.

At least if it was a 120v battery, I would be sort of insulated!:slight_smile: I guess I learned that the hard way! I would’ve liked an extro battery, though… .

I’m glad to hear that the fumes are just flux. Thanks!

I find that when a solder the language centers of my brain are strongly affected and the only words I can recall are curse words.

Shortly after I finish the symptoms mysteriously go away.

I must be one of those people who are strongly affected by the flux fumes :slight_smile: