Shorted Cortex

I should preface this by saying that I am extremely new to VEX robotics, having only been introduced to it in my school’s technology class. I have found myself in quite a pickle. Our class competition is on Monday and I have been trying to add the final touches to our team’s robot. Unfortunately, one of the motors shorted the cortex causing it to smoke when I plugged it into ports 1 and 10 while also making those ports defunct.

I have been reading up on this issue through posts on this forum and have come to the tentative conclusion that ports 2 through 9 should still be functional. (Which seems to be the case through my later tests) However, I am still a bit worried that the short may have damaged other components of the cortex other than just frying ports 1 and 10. Is there any way I can 100% verify that the rest of the cortex is still safe for use? I have already emailed my teacher for a replacement cortex, however, that might not be guaranteed.

I took the cortex apart and snapped a photo of the internals. Can anyone give me a confirmation of whether I should continue testing my code on this cortex?

yes, you damaged the H-bridge FETs for ports 1 and 10. Ports 2 through 9 need to use a MC29 motor controller for the motors, the remainder of the cortex should be functional.


In addition to what @jpearman said, you’ll want to make sure you address the short circuit in your motor wires or extensions that caused port 1 and port 10 to break, otherwise you are very likely to damage more MC29s.