Shoud the Teamwork final teaming system change?

I guess the title. Most of the times the top 2 teams always win the teamwork finals.

Would anyone expect anything else. It’s not a participation trophy. If teams picked alliances, then (usually) 1 picks 2, 3 picks 4, etc., and results are the same.

The top 2 teams are usually the best overall anyway. If you have a team that is good at driving, plus a good robot, they should do well in both teamwork and skills. Also, those teams tend to have good engineering, so they tend to have good notebooks. Unfortunately, that’s how it is.

Also, 1-2 alliances don’t always win the tournament. The BO1 style gives lower seeded alliances equal opportunity to win. We’ve seen this on multiple occasions last season. Too much pressure to be perfect falls on the top 1-2 alliances. Sometimes is best to be a 3-4 or 5-6 and break out a great score, and put the pressure on the top alliances.

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I have seen plenty of cases where 1-2 don’t end up the winners. It is not just about whether they are the best two robots, but also how well the two robots complement each other and how well the two teams are able to work together,

Are you suggesting the top 2 teams SHOULDN’T get an award?

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