Should I take apart my robot?

if so, why?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do things that you would never do for a competition, such as put like 5 trays on it

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That depends. If you would like programming practice or something like that, I would keep it together. If it is just going to sit around and collect coronavirus dust, I would take it apart. That’s my opinion.

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Our school has the policy that if you made it to worlds you take the motors brain and radio off and then put the robot up on the wall but if you didn’t do much at all or need the parts take it apart


we don’t have the budget for more metal.


There might be some “off season” tower takeover events this summer, once all this blows over. They would be unofficial, just for fun, but at least give a chance to compete a few more times. Some teams (especially VEX-U) have only been to a single event all season.


I would experiment with it rather than taking it apart. Maybe practice programming, or add on to your bot. I wouldn’t fully take it apart unless you know you’re completely done with TT.

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See how our org does it is, if you make it to worlds you get to keep your bot together minus the electronics because we kinda need those. Since you cannot do this due to your budget I would keep it together until you start building your bot for next season. It is really helpful to look back at the bots that you have made that have performed well for inspiration and ideas if you can.

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You can have scrimmages for fun against other teams.

In my opinion a much better option than using a full bot to experiment with programming is to just build a drivetrain and put some sensors like the IMU, or tracking wheels on it. It’s much easier to work with that way, and you can also ensure that you can fit all the sensors you want to test, since for TT most drivetrains were too small to have 3 tracking wheels.


Same here, we keep the best design with some of the game objects and team picture. We are creating quite a nice museum as this is our 5th season going on to our 6th.

For us, we usually keep 1 to 3 bots together for future reference, and 1 per year goes in a display case. That robot is usually either a) one that won an award at worlds b) one made by a dedicated senior that has not had one put in the display case yet, or c) just the best performing robot within our program. we obviously take the electronics off, (except for the cortex bots, cause ya know, we don’t rlly need those parts anymore) in your case, It really depends on your sister teams. If you have no sister teams, you should leave it together at least until the game unveil. If you have sister teams that are as good as you or better, you can take it apart if you want, and use those parts and this spare time to practice making common mechanisms, such as flywheels, other shooters, lifts, and experimenting with advanced drive bases with differentials and such. There’s also tons of coding techniques to learn, so use this time! You don’t necessarily need to keep your robot together just to code. If I were you, I’d make a new drive base with some advancements and use that to code with.
Just a few suggestions!


So who is going into the case this year? I assume A or D?

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I guess it really depends. Our robot was so jank this year, I literally don’t want to code it (only the back two wheels were powered, so auton all year was messed over). But our robot for Turning Point was cool, so we kept that together for all of summer and I coded it.

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Carl. It’s the senior team.